Convenient, Cost-effective and
Secure Mobility Transportation
Services for the disabled, elderly
vulnerable people, and
non-emergency patients

We Offer Disabled Transportation Services to Hospitals and
Medical Appointments for Disabled, Elderly People
and non-emergency patients.

We Offer Technology-Based Transportation
Services for Disabled, Elderly People, Non-Emergency
Patients as well Medical Staff

Wearable wristband with sensors to capture real time data like body temperature, pulse, SPo2 level, ECG etc

Vehicles are equipped with cameras to livestream and record the ride for additional safety and to protect Care Safe Mobility legally

Trained drivers on First Aid, CPR and medical support systems + onboard equipment to support the passenger in any emergency situation

Our Services

What Our Users Say .

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What’s your query about?

Care Safe Mobility is a technology-driven, dedicated, end-to-end transportation service provider for disabled, elderly people and non-emergency patients. It is a privately pre-booked and pre-paid service.
No. We are a private Non-Emergency Patient Transport service for disabled adults and the elderly. This means we offer transport services for those heading to a healthcare or medical facility.
No. We are a Non-Emergency patient transport service. This means all our services are pre-booked with at least 24 to 48 hours notice.
Care Safe Mobility is an ISO 9001, 27001 certified company and it is regulated by Care Quality Commission (CQC), which regulates the healthcare services in the UK.

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